How to Maintain Wood Furniture Quality

One of the most important things to do after purchasing a piece of custom wood furniture is to make sure it is taken care of properly. Wood furniture, especially when it is crafted with high-quality materials, can last a lifetime. With all of the cleaning supplies on the market, how are you supposed to know which will hold the wood’s quality the best?

Depending on the finish of your piece, it can change the way you take care of it. There are several precautions to consider other than standard cleaning. In today’s blog, Heartwood Log and Lumber discuss some of our favorite ways to preserve wood furniture for generations to come.

Specialty Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products claim to be the most effective, and safest for your wood furniture. However, with many different types of wood, and previous sealants or stains on the piece, it can be tricky to choose the best one. No matter what product you decide to use to polish and clean your wood furniture, make sure to use a clean, soft, and dry cloth as you evenly apply it across the surface. Always read the labels on these cleaning supplies to make sure they can be used on your specific furniture!

Wood Sealant

The wood sealant is used to put a protective barrier between the natural wood and whatever accident could take place. Often this is added almost immediately after being purchased to hold the same high-quality. The sealant works to protect the surface from future stains and to make messes easier to clean up!

Temperature Control

One easy way to preserve the quality of your custom wood furniture is to keep it in an environment away from harsh and fast-changing temperatures. For example, if you were to leave a piece of wood furniture on your front porch, it will not hold the same quality as long as a piece of wood furniture in your living room.

Immediate Fixes

One simple and effective treatment to implement is to clean up immediately after an accident. If you were to spill any liquid onto wood furniture, especially without sealant, it could warp the shape. When liquid fused into the wood, the wood can swell, ruining your custom wood furniture. It is also smart to fix or fill nicks and notches when they occur to prevent further splitting of the wood.

Custom Wood Furniture at Heartwood Log and Lumber

Looking for a new piece of custom wood furniture for your build? We know exactly how to take care of wood furniture, and we want to help you maintain your piece. Heartwood Log and Lumber specializes in high-quality lumber along with customizable furniture. To learn more about how we can help, visit our website! Our friendly staff is willing to answer any questions you might have, so contact Heartwood Log and Lumber today!

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