Shawnee, KS

With products like siding, tongue and groove, rough sawn pine flooring, pine slabs, timbers and beams, and more, why would you want to look anywhere else. If you’re in Shawnee, KS area we want to be your one-stop lumber shop. 


Quality is key and that is why our showroom in open to the public Monday-Friday. We have all our products on display for you to see first hand. So stop on in! If time isn’t something you have extra then we want you to know we have delivery services within 24 hours. 


Our wide plank rough sawn pine flooring comes in a few sizes like 1×6, 1×8, 1×10, and 1×12. That gives you options of one size or a mix of sizes for your floor. It also comes two ways, rough-sawn or smooth and all you have to do is flip it over. One great product with two ways to use it. 


When you think of a log home you think log siding. Our log siding looks absolutely gorgeous and will attach to any stick built home too. If you’re worried about cost, don’t. With mill-direct pricing it’s easy for you stay within your budget!


Shelves, mantels, stair treads, tables, and countertops are just some of the items we handcraft here at Heartwood. Using our live edge material we can create almost anything. If you have something in mind, run it by us and we will see what we can do for you. 


We have several tongue and groove products here, a top favorite would be our nickel gap siding. This tongue and groove product meets up flush on one side, and on the other side it has a nickel sized gap that gives you more of a shiplap look. Would be a great product for your wall or ceiling!


When it comes to finishing your home, choosing stain should be an easy task. Here at Heartwood, we have the staff that will help you pick out the stain color you want for your home. We have oil and water based options in our top of the line Sashco brand. We have a variety of colors, and they also offer protection for your home. If you’d like to see our colors, we have them on display here in our showroom, swing on by.


We want to know that we did everything we could for you, including offering our other services of log home restoration and log home maintenance. If you’re needing a recommendation or more information on those services give us a call and we will point you in the right direction.