Return Policy

Return Policy: We are proud of our quality products and strive to make the return process easy and efficient. The vast majority of the items we sell may be returned; however, some items are not returnable or may be subject to restocking fees.


Stock Item Return Policy:

  • 30 days from purchase date: With receipt and items in clean and sellable condition, a refund or credit (if on account) will be issued. May be subject to a 15% restocking fee. If the material has been stored outside and the color has shifted to yellow, or if cleaning is required, no refund will be issued.
  • 31-60 days from purchase date: With receipt and items in clean and sellable condition, a refund or credit (if on account) will be issued, with a 25% restocking fee. If the material has been stored outside and the color has shifted to yellow, or if cleaning is required, no refund will be issued.


Special Order: [All Special Orders require signing the Special Order Document]

With receipt and items in clean and sellable condition, special order items are returnable within 30 days but are subject to a 30% restocking fee IF IT IS A PRODUCT WE SELL AS PART OF OUR REGULAR INVENTORY PRODUCT LINE. If, however, it is a special order product that we do not carry, NO RETURNS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Partial, opened, used or materials requiring cleaning will not be issued a refund.

Clearance Items: Final clearance items purchased from our “Discount Pile” are sold on an all sales final basis and cannot be returned. This also includes our “rustic” or “board/industrial grade” V-joint car siding.

Custom-Made Items: Unless an error was made on behalf of Heartwood Log & Lumber in the ordering or creation of your customized items, including custom furniture, custom-made items cannot be returned. PLEASE REVIEW YOUR INVOICE CLOSELY TO ENSURE YOU ARE GETTING WHAT YOU DESIRE.

Pick-Up of Order

Pick-Up Policy: At the time of purchase, we work with customers to schedule a pick-up date that meets the customer’s needs. This pick-up date may be subject to change based on the availability of the product; however, we will make every effort to keep the customer abreast of any changes, so that a new pick-up date that is convenient for the customer can be scheduled. If the order is available earlier than anticipated, we can notify the customer so they have the option to move up the pick-up date if desired. Once the full order has been pulled and is ready for pick-up on the delivery date, we will call to remind the customer to pick-up. The customer has 45 days from this date to pick-up the order to avoid any restocking fees.

  • Late Pick-Up Restocking Fee: 45 days after scheduled pick-up date: Will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.


*Customers should be fully aware that cracks, splits, and checks in wood are normal and to be anticipated.

  • This will be most pronounced in logs, timbers, corbels, mantels, and slabs purchased from us. They may be very fine fissure/cracks in the slabs and mantels, but in timbers (or materials such as corbels created from timbers), cracks can be up to 1” wide. THIS IS COMPLETELY NORMAL AND AN ENHANCEMENT TO THE CHARACTER OF THE WOOD. Please see our front entry and showroom as an example of cracking and checking wood.
  • As it relates to structural integrity, we have not found cracking and checking to reduce this. We cannot find any reputable source that suggests it does. However, we are not engineers and if this is of great concern to you, we suggest consulting a structural engineering expert.
  • If you find this to be unacceptable, we will help to guide you to a different product that allows you to achieve your desired appearance
  • Cracks, splits, and checks are unacceptable in any of our milled/pattern materials such as flooring or car siding. However, within reason, every piece will not be perfect. We always suggest buying 10% more than you think you need to accommodate for some flawed pieces (as well as waste you will create). You may bring back any pieces (in accordance with the above return policies) for a full refund or exchange.
  • While we make every attempt to keep our pine timbers under the cover of a roof, sometimes there will be areas on our timbers that might experience accelerated weathering causing the timbers to have areas where the color has shifted to yellow or brown or silver. Further, during transport sometimes the timbers and lumber can get road grime or other dirt on them. Further still, during the stacking of timbers small pieces of perpendicular lumber is used to separate the bundles. These can leave small lines in the timbers. Some amount of this should be anticipated by the client. As a lumber retailer, our expectation is that most of our clients are going to clean/sand the materials and then apply either a stain or paint. None of these circumstances will affect those treatments. The client should expect slight amounts of discoloration and/or dirt/filth to be on their lumber. And while we will always return our materials (in accordance with the policies listed above), these types of wear does not cause the materials to fall outside of those guidelines. It is most critical to be aware of this if you are receiving the materials sight-unseen via delivery. Please do not anticipate perfectly clean timbers. If you are concerned about this, please ask a representative to send you a photo of the expected appearance.

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