Owensboro, IN

Log homes are our specialty. Providing tongue and groove, timbers and beams, rails, decking, logs, log siding, and more. We have your lumber needs and we want to help you! Whether you are in the Owensboro, IN area we want to be your lumber store.


Wanting a quick delivery within 24 hours? We can do it. We also keep our showroom open so you can come see products first hand and get a feel for what you really want. 


Come on, come all! We’ve got timbers and beams of all sizes. Starting at 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, 10×10, 12×12, and everything in between. But wait…..there’s more! We also offer wholesale pricing on our large timber selection, making it easy to stay in budget.


Oh you like that rustic look? We’ve got that too. We have v-joint and nickel gap for your interior needs giving you the look you’ve been looking for on your ceiling, or maybe even an accent wall. We also carry exterior siding as well. 


I know you’ve been searching for that one color you want for your stain. With our Sashco products you don’t  only do you get a beautiful color, you get the protection that you need too. We offer the best quality stains that you could ask for you. We have what you need, so come down and see us!


We make the most beautiful furniture pieces out of our live edge slab material. Everything from tables, countertops, islands, bar tops, mantels, coffee tables and  so much more. The possibilities are endless!


Looking for that one of a kind recommendation for your log home needs. Call us, and we can direct you to the folks that do our log home maintenance and log home restoration services. We know a good recommendation means everything, we can help!