Burlington, IA

Offering quality wood products is what we’re known for. We have a variety of items like log siding, tongue and groove, pine slabs, pergolas, timbers and beams, and more. If your in or around the area of Burlington, IA we want to help you get what you need for your log home. Let your friends know about our products too. 


Finding what you need can be difficult sometimes, which is why our showroom is open Monday-Friday so you can come by and see all of our products on display. If you can’t come by and let us know, we also offer delivery services within 24 hours. 


Our nickel gap siding is beautiful. It looks great on any wall or ceiling. It’s a tongue and groove product that when the ends meet they are flush on one side, and then on the other side it has a nickel sized gap giving the appearance of a shiplap product. 


Our live edge slabs make beautiful furniture pieces. And what better gift than a handcrafted piece of furniture. We make tables, coffee tables, mantels, countertops, islands and more. Our live edge materials have so much character and that’s what makes them beautiful. 


Have an empty patio space? Does your garden just look too plain? We’ve got just the product for you. Our pergola kits will make a great hangout spot in your backyard or even just for decoration near your garden. We carry them in sizes 10×10 10×12 12×12, 12×16, and 16×20. 


Our large lumber selection looks pretty amazing. We have sizes from 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, 2×12, 4×4, 4×6, 4×8, 4×12, 6×6, 6×8, 6×12, 8×8, 8×12, 10×10, 12×12, and up from there. To help with the decision making process we also offer wholesale pricing on our large lumber selection too. 


Finding the right stain color can be overwhelming. We have all our colors on display, so come take a look. With brands like Sikkens and Sashco, we have a variety to choose from. Colors like Redwood, Weathered Wood, Chestnut and more. The Sikkens will be an oil based stain, the Sashco Transformation is also an oil based stain, as for the Sashco Capture it is a water based stain. Come take a look, we hope to make this as easy as possible to help you make your decision.


Finding services for you log home can be frustrating when you don’t know who to call. We also offer log home maintenance and log home restoration services as well. Just give us a call and we will take care of you.