Tongue and Groove & Shiplap!

Tongue and groove and shiplap are antique ideas, but the art isn’t lost at Heartwood.  We have the quality and product you want. Our car siding is perfect to use on your ceilings, and the broad shiplap look fits just about anywhere.

Tongue & Groove

Car siding ( V-Joint) sizes:

  • 8" comes in Standard Grade and Rustic Grade
  • 6" Standard Grade
  • 8" Brushed V-Joint (Premium Grade)

Like our V-Joint is pictured above, here are a few pictures of our Nickel Gap below!


Still undecided? Another popular product we carry is our 8" Nickel Gap. It is a tongue and groove product with a nickel sized gap that gives you the look of shiplap!

Another fantastic option for your ceilings and walls? Our flooring! Many of our clients have found that installing our flooring rough-side-out gives a fantastic traditional look to home. When you come by our showroom, don’t forget to ask us to see one of our offices where we have this displayed.

We have many, many options for your interior walls and ceilings. Please come by our showroom so that one of our helpful staff can show you around and get you exactly what you want.

And don’t forget, any of our exterior products can also be used on your interior. From log siding to our wavy edge siding to the popular Teton siding, these products are sure to give you the cabin look you desire -- or can simply be used as character walls.