Cascade Clear Top Coat

Cascade Clear Top Coat is the finishing and maintenance coat for the Capture/Cascade stain system. Cascade protects against moisture and UV rays while providing a crystal clear finish to your logs.


Cascade Clear Top Coat is the clear finishing top coat of Sashco’s Capture/Cascade staining system. Cascade’s sheen brings out the depth and character of the wood grain while minimizing color shifts in the Capture Log Stain.

Its easy-to-apply water-based formula makes routine maintenance simple and headache-free. Cascade provides added exterior protection against damaging UV rays, molds and fungi.

Sashco Cascade Features & Benefits
• Maintenance made easy: Simply clean the surface, apply Cascade to bring back that just-stained look.
• Easy water clean-up: Skin, earth, and nose friendly is always a plus. No harsh chemicals required.
• Easy to know when: If the surface has lost its sheen, it’s time for maintenance.
• Won’t discolor chinking: Cascade is clear, so routine maintenance applications won’t affect the color of your chinking or other sealants.
• Repels water: Keeps your logs in tip-top shape and your rot concerns at bay.
• Resists mildew & algae: Ensures that unsightly growths stay where they belong – in a lab, not on your logs.
• Protects against UV damage: Cascade protects Capture Log Stain from major color shifts to maintain that just- stained look.

Where to use Sashco Cascade
• Specifically formulated for use over Capture Log Stain on the exterior of log, timberframe, and wood homes.

Where Not to Use Sashco Cascade
• Surfaces previously coated with a non-drying waxy oil-based stain
• Walking surfaces, including decks, floors, and stairs
• Furniture
• Cabinetry

Sashco Cascade Coverage Rate
• 400-600 sq. ft. per gallon
• As with all stains, coverage will vary depending upon roughness and porosity of the wood.

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(2) 1 Gallon Pail Pack, 5 Gallon, 4 Oz Sample Can


Matte, Semi-Gloss