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What is the Difference Between Lumber and Timber?

What is the Difference Between Lumber and Timber?

Heartwood Log and Lumber specializes in many categories, but the backbone of this company is the high-quality lumber and timber. You might have the question, “What is the difference between lumber and timber, and when do I use each?” While on the surface they seem to be interchangeable, they have different characteristics and serve different purposes. In today’s blog, Heartwood Log and Lumber defines what makes the two styles of wood different.

What is Lumber?

One significant difference between lumber and timber is the stage in which the wood is being processed. Lumber is typically referred to as wooden boards that have been cut, processed, and finished. This style of wood is always free of bark, making it ready to be stained, installed, or customized. Often, lumber is sold in precut sizes such as 2×4, 4×4, and 12×12. After the wood is sawed, typically at a sawmill, it is known and sold as lumber.

What is Timber?

Timber typically refers to unprocessed tree trunks, still containing bark and grime. Most often, the process goes from tree to timber, then timber to lumber. Right after a tree is chopped or sawed down, the wood is known as timber. If you have ever wondered why the famous line to yell as a tree is on its way down is “Timber!” it refers to the transition from a tree to timber!

How Are They Similar?

Timber and lumber are sometimes interchangeable terms depending on your country of origin. In the United States, these terms are entirely separate; however, in Australia, they mean the same thing. In Canada, they adopted the term timber as a small measurement that is no less than five inches. However, it is traditionally phrased in a way to understand the stage at which the wood is being processed. Although timber does not always have to be transformed into lumber, it most often is. A typical example of timber is firewood, and an example of lumber would be planks to build a home.

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