Looking for a Slab?

At Heartwood, our creations are proof that pine looks great everywhere, and we go above and beyond just exteriors. How about a rustic bar or kitchen countertop? A new statement bathroom vanity? Why not a coffee table or a set of end tables?

Take a look at our live edge slabs. Starting at 3” thick, our white pine slabs allow you to make it your own with your custom stain and finish. They’re available with or without bark - the choice is yours!

Slab Thickness:

  • 3"
  • 4"
  • 6"

Slab Width:

24" standard with unlimited options for customization!!

Slab Length:

Up to 16'


Ready For Any Project!

But countertops are just the beginning of what you can do with these amazing pieces of lumber! Many of our clients use them for building tables and benches, and they are especially good for large tables -- like conference tables due to the weightiness they impart to a room.

We also offer these slabs as stair treads. Let us know the width and the depth and you will be ready to install them this weekend!

Whatever custom project you are working on, our slabs are sure to please. Our clients consistently love all the options that they unique pieces of wood create for their projects.