Tim-Bor Professional Insecticide

Tim-Bor borate insecticide powder defends your wood structures against wood-ingesting insects such as termites, house borers, powderpost beetles and carpenter ants. Mixed with water and sprayed onto bare wood, Tim-Bor provides low cost, long term protection.


Rot, weather, insects, fungi all pose a serious threat to your logs. Protect your investment—treat your logs first to make them last. Tim-bor helps protect your home from the costly damage caused by rot and insect infestation.

Where to Use
• Above-ground wood surfaces, including logs, timbers, dimensional lumber, siding, etc.
• Wood subject to direct moisture contact must be coated with a good water-repellent finish after treating with Tim-bor.

Where Not to Use
• Any wood with a stain or coating on it. Tim-bor will not penetrate coatings to provide the necessary protection.

Tim-Bor Coverage Rates:
• One 25 lb. /6 gal. pail will cover approx. 4,000 sq. ft. at 10% solution.
• One 1.5 lb. packet will cover approx. 200 sq. ft. at 10% solution.

Application Range:
• 40̊ F (4̊ C) to 90̊ F (32̊ C)

Application Methods:
• Brushing, spraying, dipping, kerf-flooding or hole flooding.

• Tim-bor will not interfere with the adhesion of most wood stains and coatings. The surface should be completely dry before applying any coating.

Effective Against:
• Rot, fungal decay and most woodboring insects.
• Tim-Bor does not control carpenter bees or the organisms that cause blue stain – the gray to black marking often present in dry wood. If blue stain is a problem, an additional fungicide may be needed.

Clean Up:
• Use soap and water to clean equipment, skin, and clothing.