Conceal Textured Caulk

Sashco Conceal Textured Caulk’s light texture simulates the natural roughness of wood and blends in with the most popular stains used on log homes. It’s hard to see where the caulking ends and the logs begin.


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Sashco Conceal Textured Caulk’s light texture simulates the natural roughness of wood and delivers performance that’s hard to see. Sashco Conceal’s 7 colors blend in with the most popular stains used on log homes. The combination of color and texture makes it hard to see where the caulking ends and the logs begin. The caulking disappears into the woodwork, and your home is sealed from the elements. Although the caulking is hard to see, Sashco Conceal delivers performance. It outperforms all other textured caulks currently available.

Sashco Conceal Caulk Features & Benefits
• Water-based – easy to apply and clean up.
• Lightly Textured – blends in with wood grain.
• Ultra-elastic – Will not crack, tear or pull away.
• Matches the most popular stain colors.
• Excellent early water resistance.
• Freeze-thaw stable.
• Resistant to rainfall in 1-4 hours.

Where to Use Sashco Conceal Textured Caulk
Anywhere you want to match the color and texture of your wood surface, including:
• Log homes, log checks.
• Wood windows and door trim, baseboards, and crown molding.
• Wood siding, including Pine, Cedar, Redwood and many others.
• Where wood siding meets corner boards, chimneys or brick.
• Adheres well to most standard building materials.

Where Not To Use Sashco Conceal Caulk
• Surfaces previously coated with a waxy or non-drying oil coating
• Surfaces specifically designed to be non-stick, like Kynar coated.
• Surfaces previously sealed with silicone – silicone and silicone residue must first be removed.
• Areas of continuous submersion.
• Areas exposed to foot or vehicular traffic.

Sashco Conceal Caulk Application Methods
• When using 5-gallon pails grout bags, or Bulk Loading Guns may be used.
• Use a Cartridge Caulking Gun when using either the 29 oz. or 10.5 oz. cartridges of Conceal.
• When using a cartridge, cut the spout at a 45° angle to desired bead size.
• Conceal requires no heating prior to application but will dispense easier when kept warm before use.
• Conceal should be tooled directly after application to ensure good adhesion and a smooth looking bead.
• Conceal may be tooled with ordinary masonry-type tooling blades, a wetted finger, or a damp polyethylene foam brush.
• Work the material smooth, tooling Conceal tightly to the surfaces, keeping a rag handy for clean up.

How to Measure My Caulking Project
• There are two dimensions that you need to know in order to determine how much product you will need: the width and the cumulative length (linear feet) of the gaps or joints that you want to seal.
• Figuring the Width: If it is a joint on a squared log it is the average distance between upper and lower log surfaces. If it is round log joint you first have to insert a length of proper size Grip Strip or backer rod and then measure the distance between the top and bottom logs about 3/8 of an inch in front of the surface of the chosen backing product.
• Figuring the Cumulative Length (Linear Feet): It is best if you break it down to one wall at a time then add all of the walls together it becomes much simpler. Start by measuring the length of the wall with a tape measure. Then count the number of joints you need to seal. Usually it is the number of log courses minus one. When you multiply these two numbers together you have the linear feet of sealant required for that wall.

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Box (12) 10.5 oz. Tubes, Box (10) 30 oz. Tubes, 5 Gallon


Brown Tone, Frontier Gold, Grizzly Brown, Harvest Wheat, Red Tone, Redwood, Weathered Gray